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Meat Dave

Sep 29, 2019

You know Bert (aka THE MACHINE) from his Podcast "The Bertcast" and his Netflix Special "Secret Time". While on tour as his opening act, Dave chats with Bert about smoking meat on the tourbus and they get sidetracked into about 30 other topics. 

Find tour info on Bert's website


Sep 24, 2019

Owner Jered Standing and Manager Jose Rivera join Dave to talk about their Butcher Shop in Hollywood & their Burger pop-up, Burgerdaddy.

Find more info on Standings Butchery on his website:

Standings Butchery Instagram

Jered's Instagram 

Sep 17, 2019

Los Angeles based pitmaster Dustin Bartz of Bartz Barbecue has brought authentic Texas style BBQ to the South Bay, and made a big impact on the local scene by attracting national attention.

Find more info on Dustin on his website:

Dustin Bartz's Instagram