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Meat Dave

May 25, 2020

Comedian Mo Alexander is a hilarious Stand Up who also has a passion for top notch BBQ.  Keep a look out for his latest project. on YouTube, Mo Alexander's BBQ Beatdown.  

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May 18, 2020

Rasheed Philips of Philips Barbeque Co operates as a pop-up vendor around the Atlanta, Ga area.  His evolving menu creates long lines at whatever brewery he is at.  You can also catch him cooking on the Shoot to Grill podcast with the Atlanta Grill Company.  

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May 12, 2020

This episode is a little different.  Dave is now Live Streaming a video version of the podcast daily at 6 PST from his front yard.  This is the audio from Episode 1 of that with restaurateur Chris Collin of Local Republic Gastro Pub, Strange Taco (both in Lawrenceville, GA) and LR Burger (in Monroe, GA). 

Local Republic...

May 4, 2020

Matthew Statham is Chef and GM of Saw's Soul Kitchen in Birmingham, AL.  He also was named Champion in the Chef Category at the 2019 World Food Championships, which is a huge honor!  More importantly, he created the greatest chicken sandwich I've ever eaten.  

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