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Meat Dave

Mar 2, 2020

While in Bakersfield, Pitmaster Robert Salters and his wife Alyssa bring a bunch of food down to the show and sit down with me to talk about their family business, Salty's BBQ.  They have multiple locations and were a blast to get to know.  

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Feb 16, 2020

Dave has lunch at "Beast + Bounty" in Sacramento.  He talks to owner and chef Brock Macdonald about the place along with their other local spots: Lowbrau, Milk Money, and Block Butcher Bar.  

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Feb 16, 2020

While in Sacramento, Dave popped into Urban Roots Brewing for a breakfast beer and a chat with their head chef and pitmaster Greg Desmangles.  Both the barbecue and the beer were delicious, and we found out we just missed a Bacon Festival! 

Apologies for sporadic audio issues. 
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Feb 12, 2020

Dave catches up with Michael Baiamonte, THE VOICE of the Miami Heat, to talk Miami Heat nostalgia, stadium food and their joint passion for cooking quality meat.  If you enjoy this episode, check out Dave's appearance on Michael's DOS MINUTOS Podcast. 

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Jan 21, 2020

Dave heads to Los Angeles Ale Works with comedian Forrest Shaw to enjoy some amazing food by Bartz Barbecue.  Dustin Bartz and his buddies join us to chat about everything from cats to frisbees to space ships.  

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